Is Monolith Architecture Bad? Are Microservices Always Good? Conversation with Anant.

In this conversation we talk to Ananth about his experience with Microservices and Monlithic architectures.

  • We also look at various examples of a good/bad monolith, good/bad micro services.
  • We also talk about our personal experience with different architectural styles and share pros/cons.
  • Org structure must align with the way we develop software and we briefly touch about how business leadership and technical leadership should align on Software Architecture.
  • Having the right tooling in place is critical for Micro-services architecture.
  • We talk about the challenges of microservices architecture when such tooling is missing.
  • We end the episode with talking about SLOs/SLIs and SLAs, and how a customer focused approach can help us. To learn more about SLOs/SLIs/SLAs you can also listen to the audio podcast.

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