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How Facebook earns money ?

Geek Narrator is the most popular social networking website which has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. This number is increasing everyday, which in turn increases the data being generated exponentially. You can just imagine how much data is generated on Facebook in terms of text, images, videos, locations etc everyday.As per Facebook posts on, their warehouse stores up to 300PB(peta bytes) of data with an incoming rate of 600 TB per day.Believe me, thats a lot of data.

For our not-so-tech users lets discuss something on bits and bytes.

  • 1 Bit – A value of either 0 or 1.
  • 1 Byte – 8 bits.
  • 1 KB(Kilo Byte) – 1024 Bytes
  • 1 MB(Mega Byte) – 1024 KB
  • 1 GB(Giga Byte) – 1024 MB
  • 1 TB(Tera Byte) – 1024 GB
  • 1 PB(Peta Byte) – 1024 TB
  • 1 EB(Exa Byte) – 1024 PB
  • 1 ZB(Zetta Byte) – 1024 EB


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Circuit Breakers : Break, before it breaks you!

In general it is a very simple pattern. You just wrap your function/method/behaviour with another function which keeps track of the failures/success of the that function (service/DB calls) and opens or closes the circuit for you. Sounds simple enough. It is simple.


Integration Testing with Test Containers

  Testing is one of the most critical parts of the Software Development Lifecycle. Writing meaningful unit/integration tests with enough coverage is really important. It saves your system from critical bug injection, helps meeting functional requirements and gives clear understanding of what the software component is doing. Unit tests can also be performed by mocking… Continue reading Integration Testing with Test Containers

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How search engine works ? Elastic search – (Part-2)

Hello! Welcome to the part-2 of "How search engine works" series. Previous part was all about the basic concepts that go behind a search engine at a low level. If you want to refer the previous part, feel free and read it here. This part will be focussed on how things work in elastic search… Continue reading How search engine works ? Elastic search – (Part-2)