Scaling Kafka Processing

Scaling Problem 🧐How do we scale Kafka processing ? Horizontally with number of consumers in a group. 🧐So can we have unlimited number of consumers? No, number_of_consumers <= number_of_partitions 🧐So can we have a very large number of partitions? Yes, but it is recommended to have some calculated number of partitions. Each partition has overhead... Continue Reading →

What it takes to build a trading api like An Insightful conversation with Max Linded (CEO, In this video I (Kaivalya Apte) talk to Max Linden, CEO and Co-Founder of, where he shares his insights into entrepreneurship, product mindset, setting goals and making HUGE impact. - What is - Why do we need a trading API like - What it takes to build a trading API like... Continue Reading →

Is Monolith Architecture Bad? Are Microservices Always Good? Conversation with Anant.

In this conversation we talk to Ananth about his experience with Microservices and Monlithic architectures. We also look at various examples of a good/bad monolith, good/bad micro services. We also talk about our personal experience with different architectural styles and share pros/cons. Org structure must align with the way we develop software and we... Continue Reading →

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