Circuit Breakers : Break, before it breaks you!

In general it is a very simple pattern. You just wrap your function/method/behaviour with another function which keeps track of the failures/success of the that function (service/DB calls) and opens or closes the circuit for you. Sounds simple enough. It is simple.

Parallel Programming in Java – (Part-2)

Hello, welcome to the second part of "Parallel Programming in Java" series. If you have somehow missed the first part and want to read it now, then read it here. So Part-1 covered the very basic concept of task execution in parallel and how ForkJoin framework helps in writing parallel programs easily. We saw how … Continue reading Parallel Programming in Java – (Part-2)

Deadlock in simple terms

 For understanding our first scenario we have to ride a car in a small Village where you have very narrow lanes. Adding to your pain you have buffaloes leading you. I hope you are enjoying the ride 🙂 . After several rounds of heavy honking you get to overtake the buffaloes HURRAAYY!!, but WAIT. You find yourself in a worse … Continue reading Deadlock in simple terms